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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

2016 Art & Rural Environments Field School

November 18, 2015

The Art & Rural Environments Field School is an intensive off-campus course designed for students interested in the intersection of art and the rural environment. The Field School experience puts students in touch with various rural landscapes and focuses on site and context-based approaches to art creation. While living and working together in rural environments and on the road, students create site-interpretation artworks exploring various mediums including photography, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing, as well as dialogical projects, social actions, and collaborative experiments.

Based out of the University of Colorado-Boulder, sessions are open to both CU students and students from further afield. For students from other universities: in most cases the 6 hours of Art Practices course credit will transfer to the home institution. This is an advanced or 4000 level course and is also open to graduate students at the 5000 level. Fieldwork for the 2016 session (May 09-27) will take place throughout the American High Plains, the Rocky Mountain Range, and sites in Northern Arizona.

To register or find out more information please visit the Art & Rural Environments Field School Website