Department of Art & Art History

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Faculty Exhibition: viewers with Jeanne Quinn's work
Faculty Exhibition: viewers with Jeanne Quinn's work


The Department of Art and Art History offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees, which allow students to explore their interests and refine their skills in Art History, IMAP (photography, digital media, video, integrated arts), Ceramics, Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice, Printmaking, Painting and Drawing.

The department also collaborates with Film Studies to offer joint programming. Undergraduates may pursue the BA or BA/MA in art history, a BA or BFA in art practices, or a BA/MA in Film Studies. Graduate students enroll in the MA in Art History program, MFA in Art Practices program or MBA/MA program. Additionally, in collaboration with the Film Studies Program, the Department of Art and Art History offers a Filmmaking MFA Track. The undergraduate internship program provides students the opportunity to gain professional experience in museums, not-for-profit arts organization, and working directly with professional artists. The Visiting Artist and Visiting Scholars Programs complement the department’s course offerings by bringing several renowned artists and scholars to campus to speak and meet with students each semester.

BA in Art History (B.A.A.H.)
BA in Art Practices (B.A.A.P.)
BFA in Art Practices (B.F.A.)
BA and MA in Art History (B.A.M.A)
BA and MA in Film Studies (B.A.M.A)
MA in Art History
MFA in Art Practices
Ph.D. in Arts of the Americas