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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex


The Department of Art and Art History offers 3 graduate degrees, the MA in Art History, the MFA in Art Practices, and the MFA/MBA in collaboration with the Leeds School of Business. The MA in Art History is intended to give students a broad general knowledge of Art History in a two-year program. Students who have achieved a distinguished record in this MA program should be well prepared for acceptance into a doctoral program in Art History.

The MFA in Art Practices is a rigorous program intended for artists committed to pursuing a professional life in the arts and prepares students for careers as practicing artists and arts professionals as well as teachers in colleges, universities, and art schools. During the two and half-year program, students focus on one of several fields including, Ceramics, IMAP (photography, digital media, video, integrated arts), Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice. Additionally, in collaboration with the Film Studies Program, the Department of Art and Art History offers a film track MFA. The MFA/MBA program requires candidates to submit separate applications to the Department of Art and Art History as well as the Leeds School of Business. In addition to the required coursework, MFA and MA students gain additional insights about their respective fields through the Visiting Artist Program and Visiting Scholars Program, both of which invite distinguished artists and scholars to CU for talks, seminars, and individual meetings with students.

The faculty are highly active in their respective fields, from publishing important articles and books on historical and contemporary art to exhibiting in galleries and museums to establishing non-traditional artist venues and opportunities. The faculty are also committed teachers and mentors who work closely with graduate students, helping them to realize their individual visions as artists and historians.

Students who are accepted to the MA, MFA, and MFA/MBA programs join the University of Colorado-Boulder Graduate School, which serves the community of graduate students, faculty, and staff, one of the nation’s premier comprehensive research universities. The Graduate School offers guidance on a wide array of academic, social, and financial issues, and can assist in navigating the often complex world of graduate education.

Serving as an umbrella organization since 1892, the Graduate School currently oversees 100 graduate and professional programs. The Graduate School works to guarantee a standard of quality and cohesion across all disciplines, ensuring the continuing integrity and value of a CU-Boulder graduate degree. The Graduate School also helps make possible the many connections between the campus and outside constituencies, in the state, the nation, and the world.