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Degree Requirements

M.A. Degree Requirements (guidelines, effective Spring 2016)

Degree Requirements: Plan I (Thesis Option).

A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed, of which 21 must be completed in residence on the Boulder campus. Requirements and regulations include:

  • Theories of Art History (ARTH 6929), must be taken during the first semester. This course may be taken twice for up to 6 credit hours.
  • At least one 3-credit 5000 or 6000 level course in four of the following areas of art history: Medieval art; Early Modern & Renaissance art; Art of the Americas; Asian art; Modern art; Contemporary art; Critical Theory/Museology. When available, Ancient art may constitute an area.
  • At least one 3-credit 3000 level or above course in a department outside of the Department of Art and Art History which supplements the Major or Minor areas of specialization.
  • Comprehensive Exam (see below).
  • M.A. Thesis (ARTH 6959): 4-6 credit hours.
  • No more than 9 hours of independent study credit may be applied toward the M.A. degree.
  • Pass/Fail courses do not count toward the M.A. degree.
  • ARTH 5087 (Selected Topics) courses do not count toward the M.A. degree.
  • A limit of 9 hours of transfer credits may be applied toward the M.A. degree.
  • Students are encouraged and expected to attend undergraduate lecture courses to prepare themselves for graduate seminars and for the comprehensive exam.
  • Language requirement.

Degree Requirements: Plan II (Project Option)
Same requirements as above, with the following exceptions:

  • A minimum of 36 semester hours is required
  • The Project replaces the Thesis.

Sequence for Completion of Degree 
The following schedule of coursework and requirements is recommended:

Fall semester of entrance to program:

  1. ARTH 6929, Theories of Art History (may be taken twice, for up to 6 credit hours)
  2. Two graduate seminars

Spring semester of entrance to program:

  1. Two graduate seminars
  2. One elective course either within or outside the department
  3. Language exam
  4. First year review at the end of the semester

Fall semester of 2nd year in program:

  1. Comprehensive exam
  2. Two graduate seminars
  3. One course outside the department (if not fulfilled earlier)

Spring semester of 2nd year in program:

  1. Thesis or Project
  2. Thesis Defense

Upon admission, students are assigned a faculty advisor. Students should remain in close contact with the advisor as regards course registration and program requirements. At the end of the second semester of full time study, students should select a Thesis Advisor (or Project Advisor) from among the art history faculty. This faculty member will direct the student’s thesis or project, and chair the student’s First Year Review committee.