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Printmaking Classroom
Printmaking Classroom


The Department of Art and Art History offers degrees which allow students to explore their interests and refine their skills in Art History, IMAP (photography, digital media, video, integrated arts), Ceramics, Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice, Printmaking, and Painting and Drawing. Undergraduates may pursue the BA or BA/MA in art history, a BA or BFA in studio art, a BA/MA in Film Studies or a minor in Art History.

Students may declare a BA major in either art history or studio arts without a separate application or portfolio review. Students interested in the BFA in Studio Arts or BA/MA in Art History must apply to those programs with separate application materials and/or a portfolio review. All undergraduate art and art history majors must complete both sections of World Art (ARTH 1300 and ARTH 1400) and Introduction to Studio Art (ARTS 1010 and ARTS 1020) before enrolling in upper-level courses.

The undergraduate internship program provides students the opportunity to gain professional experience in museums, not-for-profit arts organization, and working directly with professional artists. The Visiting Artist and Visiting Scholars Programs complement the department’s course offerings by bringing several renowned artists and scholars to campus to speak and meet with students each semester. Students who have graduated from our program have gone on to work for museums and galleries; have been hired to teach at colleges and art schools as artists and art historians; have developed public art projects in different cities; and have establish professional careers as artists throughout the country.

BA in Art History
BA in Studio Art
BFA in Studio Arts
BA / MA in Art History
BA / MA in Film Studies 

For incoming freshman and transfer students interested in Art History and Studio Arts please refer to the University of Colorado Admissions.

Minor in Art History
The minor in art history is subject to the requirements listed in the university catalogue. These include:
1) A minimum of 18 credit hours in Art History coursework
2) All course work applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better (no pass/fail work may be applied).
The grade point average for all minor degree course work must be equal to 2.000 (C) or higher.
3) Students are allowed to apply no more than 9 credit hours, including 6 upper-division credit hours, to transfer work toward a minor.

The specific requirements for the minor in Art History are:
ARTH 1300 World Art Studies I and ARTH 1400 World Art Studies II and
12 credit hours of ARTH courses at the 3000- or 4000-level, with at least two courses at the 4000-level.

Distribution requirement: Complete at least one upper division course in each of the following 3 areas: 1) Ancient, Asian, Pre-Columbian, or Native American; 2) Medieval, Early Modern (Renaissance/Baroque), or Colonial Latin American; 3) Modern, Contemporary, or Theory.