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BFA Graduate - Dylan Arthur Gebbia-Richards
BFA Graduate - Dylan Arthur Gebbia-Richards

BA in Art Practices

The undergraduate degree in art practices emphasizes knowledge and awareness of:

  • the significance of the major monuments in art history, with an emphasis on contemporary art;
  • at least one discipline of studio art;
  • related critical issues in studio practice; and
  • a wide range of approaches.

In addition, students completing a degree in studio art are expected to acquire the ability and skills to:

  • analyze their own works of art in terms of form and content;
  • interpret the work of others;
  • execute ideas in one or more artistic media;
  • demonstrate artistic ability and technical proficiency in one chosen medium; and communicate in verbal and written form the particular conceptual and perceptual attitudes and stances of their own artistic production.

The BA in Art Practices allows students to explore their interests and refine their skills in Art History, Ceramics, IMAP (photography, digital media, video, integrated arts), Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, and Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice. Students gain a broad understanding of the field of contemporary art and experience in contemporary art practices while pursuing a liberal arts degree at the university. (Portfolio submission is NOT required to declare art practices as a major or minor).

Required Courses and Semester Credit Hours for the B.A.

  • ARTS 1010 and 1020 Introduction to Studio Art—6 credits
  • ARTH 1300 and 1400 World Art Studies 1 and 2—6 credits
  • Two 2000- level courses in area of emphasis—6 credits
  • Any two upper-division art history courses—6 credits
  • Upper-division studio emphasis (minimum)—12 credits
  • AAH Arts Electives—3 hours

For overall degree requirements run your degree audit and consult with your advisor.