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BFA in Art Practices

The BFA in Art Practices is a more in-depth degree intended for motivated students interested in and committed to pursuing a professional career in the arts.  Students gain training in studio techniques and post-studio practice, an overview of historical and contemporary artists and movements, and an introduction to criticism. Additionally, students participate in the BFA Seminar, are eligible to enroll in the Visiting Artist Seminar, and present work in the culminating BFA exhibition. This is a highly selective program. Only art majors may apply to the program with a portfolio and application materials, which are reviewed once in the fall and once in the spring. For application information please see below, or stop by the front office, room 330 in the VAC to pick up an application. Any BFA related questions can be directed to Jean Goldstein (303) 492-3580.

Minimum of 63 semester hours IN THE MAJOR consisting of:
Introduction to Studio Art I – 3 credits
Introduction to Studio Art II – 3 credits
History of World Art I – 3 credits
History of World Art II – 3 credits
Two (2) 2000-level courses in area of emphasis – 6 credits
Any two upper-division art history courses – 6 credits
Upper division studio – 18 credits (minimum)
AAH Arts Electives – 18 credits
BFA Seminar – 3 credits

For overall degree requirements run your degree audit and consult with your advisor.

You must have completed 30 semester hours in the major to apply for the BFA.

The deadline for BFA Applications is October 1 for Fall, and March 1 for Spring.

Click here to view  BFA Application:   BFA Application 

Notes and Suggestions for a Successful Application
We are looking for students who will be able to make excellent work, and work within the schedule required of a BFA student. Your track record as a student, therefore, is a very important consideration in our decision to accept you into the BFA program. To be a successful applicant, you should have:

  • an excellent attendance record for your courses
  • all assignments for courses completed on time
  • ambitious projects: do more than what is asked for you for each assignment
  • clear internal motivation. You shouldn’t rely on external pressure or deadlines to make work in the studio

In the application, we are looking for:

  • a thoughtful artist statement that demonstrates you have insight into your own work, and addresses the questions you are asking of yourself in your studio practice
  • a body of work that goes beyond assignments completed as class work; we should start to see cohesion in the work you are making
  • a high level of technical proficiency
  • formal decisions in your work that support your ideas
  • overall, a carefully constructed application, with good images of your work

Always feel free to consult with any of the faculty for advice on putting together your BFA application. We wish you the best of luck!

Past BFA Exhibitions                                                                                                                                                                          

Blind Optimism – Spring 2014 | Griffin Beste – David Brookton – Seth Caparelli – Hannah Green – Grant Gustafson
Molly Lofton – Rachel Machovec – Renluka Maharaj – Megan McGrain Dakota – Clay Nanton – Sarah Touslee

You, Me, and Everyone We Don’t Know – Fall 2013 | AJ Davis – Taylor Lawrence – Leif V. Newberg – George P. Perez Susan Walicki

Pay No Mind to the Ceiling – Spring 2013 | Lousia Albanese – Kate Bowman – Eric DeLand – Sarah Derosier – Suzanne Claire Eldredge – Jackson Ellis – Scott Ferguson – Megan Gross – Kyle Monks – Djaven Nascimento –  Kevin O’Hara – Benjamin Schreck – Michael Whitley – Joe Wilkinson

.blank – Fall 2012 | Garrett Henry – Sarah Johansen – Andrew Odlin – Jacob Vasquez – Alysia Davis

Something but definitely not Nothing – Spring 2012 | Preston Cram – Kristina Keeter – Catherine Nelson – Adam Siefkas – Logan Young

with [in] – Fall 2011 | Heidi Hillenbrand – Euikyung Kim – Elizabeth Plum – Rebecca Preston – Caitlin Savage

Perforated Edges – Spring 2011 | Kit Adams – Amanda Anderson – Eric Angus – Brittany Ansay – Amber Britton – Rachael Cumbaa – Charla Gee – Derek Walter Grubaugh – Andrew Haley – Tyler Hays –   Taylor Kraft – Adam Milner – Jerry Wayne Morris – Annie Pariseau – David Pavicich – Cam Waschke – Kate Zubritski

Chancing the Fjord – Fall 2010 | Alec Atwood – Ashley Bauer – Lindsay K. Chandler – Ivan Fees – James  Knowles Patricia Lee Lomas – Ryan Schnirel – Luke Sharpnack – Jody Weisenhorn

The Art of the future, TODAY – Spring 2010 | Brent Bishop – Yolanda Maria Chichester Fauvet Elissa Eaton – Jon P. Geiger – Virginia Lenore Kester-Meyer – Eli Lichtenstein – Chris Lovejoy Dillon O’Kelley – Mary Recchia
Jake Reed – Evan Rocco – Maya Weinstein

(Your) Chimera – Fall 2009 | Trent Bailey – Amelia Carley – Jerraud Coleman – Tiffany Crowder
Sunny Jansen – Maria Lawson – Angel Lujan – Cassie McKeown – BreeAnna Skye Melvin
Anna Thielke – Gabriel Walford

Single Serving – Spring 2009 | Aly Aga – Lynette Case – Frank Deck – Kristy Dietz – Loren Donner Dustin Ellingboe Lika Gitis – Brittany Hanley – Daniel Levinson – Chris Littlestar – Maren Munoz – Matthew Olin – Eve Partridge
Scott Raby – Sarah Reeder Rose Rutherford – Jerome Trehy – Jonathen  Vantassel – Burgess Voshell – Jessica Walters

Consider this: – Fall 2008 | Leslie Benson – Rea Boldin – Seth Colter – Donavan Cooper – Douglas De Visser – Gwynnie M. Frey – David Krause – Caitlin Jean Parker – Jason Sheppard – Christina Song

Fiction of Distance – Spring 2008 | Andrea Benavente – Meaghan Burritt – Elaine Carter
Lauren Cherry – Erica Kelly Cottrell – Caitlin Cowgir – Charles Dellebovi – Jessica Floeh
Slyvia Jung – Danielle Kowalski – Lindsey Lathrop-Alm – Jamie Leach
Bridgid Lupetin – Jake Metke – Meg Myers – Katherine Sanz
Sierra Schaffer – Alexis Valentine – Yan Wang