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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Demiurge - Professional Art Practices




Thursday, April 26 at 6:00 pm


Visual Arts Complex 308, CU-Boulder

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0043-2demiurge_OAkan_FragmentaJoe Riche _demiurge owner

PRACTICUM: Professional Art Practices

Through public talks, individual meetings and workshops invited guest speakers discuss the trajectory and evolution of their art practice, work/life balance, and professional development strategies.

Students and researchers from all majors and fields are welcome! In addition to the talks participants are encouraged to sign up for individual meetings with these art professionals.

Demiurge is a Denver-based sculpture and architecture fabrication company that has produced hundreds of large-scale public art projects since its inception in 2001. Demiurge works closely with local, national, and international artists and designers and often serves as the primary contractor, managing all construction design, structural engineering, sub-contractors, vendors, and material suppliers to bring projects to fruition. The company employs people with diverse backgrounds in fine art, sculpture, architecture, fabrication, and life sciences. Joe Riche, the owner, (MFA Sculpture, University of Denver), and Abby Bennet, project manager and studio administrator (MFA Sculpture, CU Boulder) will give insight into the workings of Demiurge and their own studio practices.

This event is part of the Visiting Artist Program

We would like to thank our students for making this program possible with funding from Art and Art History Student Activities Fees.

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