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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

DJ Lu - graffiti artist from Bogata, Columbia




Monday, April 1 at 6:30 pm


VAC 1B20, CU-Boulder

“My work is born of my experiences, of a life immersed in a state of violence at every level: from the government, guerrillas, paramilitaries, not forgetting of course street violence and even violence inside the family”.

DJ Lu creates silhouettes of pistols, soldiers, tanks, and other images of war, and juxtaposes them to images from popular culture. While his images are ironic and playful, they also reject claims of national “progress and security” — as argued by mainstream media, the former right-wing president Alvaro Uribe, and his successor Juan Manuel Santos. Both politicians agree with the basic premise that further militarization along with neoliberal economic policies are the solution to Colombia’s five-decade-long armed conflict. DJ Lu’s work graphically exposes the absurdity behind such claims while alluding to the profitability of militarization for the rich and powerful.

To explore these issues, DJ Lu uses stencils, labeling them the “medium best suited for my project in the urban environment”. Stencils have a long history in political mobilizations because their reproducibility allows them to“reach wider reception and better effect”. Stencils reach the most important audience: the urban poors, workers, and the homeless.

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