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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Gerardo Mosquera



Tuesday, February 26 at 5:00 pm


Norlin Library British Studies Room, CU-Boulder

“Infinite Islands: Art, Internationalization and Cultural Dynamics”

My talk will analyze problems of art and culture in the context of contemporary internationalized art circuits. It will delve in the tensions between cultural homogenization and the opposite action of new cultural subjects who are diversifying the international art practice. Following this situation, it will discuss new epistemological grounds for contemporary artistic discourses and practices. These are determined by the plural construction of an international art and its language by a plurality of new artistic subjects who move in and out local and global spheres, and who operate from their differences more than in their differences.

This event is part of the Visting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar Program is organized to explore the discipline of art history—its cultural connections, its methodological pursuits, and its changing nature—by focusing extensively on the research and insights of individual academic experts. Three to five highly regarded art historians and/or art critics speak at a public lecture presenting current research and published papers. During their week long visit they work closely with graduate students enrolled in the visiting scholar seminar class.

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