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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

James Elkins


James Elkins


Tuesday, January 29 at 5:00 pm


5th Floor British Studies Room, CU-Boulder

“Unresolved Issues in the Worldwide Spread of Art History”

In the last decade the question of art history’s global reach—or lack of it—has appeared as an inescapable topic for art history. As the discipline of art history wakens to the possibility of worldwide art historical writing, it also becomes more seriously engaged with postcolonial theory, critical theory, anthropology, visual studies, cultural studies, and subaltern studies, all of which have been intermittently or continuously interested in art practices outside of Europe and North America. Often there’s a hope that definitively different traditions of writing about art might coexist in an increasingly globalized world. This lecture reports on the some recent attempts to understand how art’s history is written around the world, including the Clark Art Institute’s Mellon project to study world art histories; book Is Art History Global?; the book World Art Studies; the 2007 Stone Summer Theory Institute Art and Globalization; and conferences in Beijing from 2010 to 2012.
This event is part of the Visting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar Program is organized to explore the discipline of art history—its cultural connections, its methodological pursuits, and its changing nature—by focusing extensively on the research and insights of individual academic experts. Three to five highly regarded art historians and/or art critics speak at a public lecture presenting current research and published papers. During their week long visit they work closely with graduate students enrolled in the visiting scholar seminar class.

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