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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Maurice Sherif


Maurice Sherif


Tuesday, April 10 at 6:30 pm


Visual Arts Complex 1B20, CU-Boulder

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Maurice SherifMaurice SherifMaurice Sherif

Since mid-2006, french artist Maurice Sherif has been photographing segments of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. In his two volume set, The American Wall: From the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico he reflects “the wall is an egregious violation of human rights and a political act with global ramifications for the United States. It is not only a physical symbol, but also a legal example of a national trend toward exceptionalism and exclusion.”  

*Co-sponsor: The Conference on World Affairs

This event is part of the Visiting Artist Program

We would like to thank our students for making this program possible with funding from Art and Art History Student Activities Fees.

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