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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Nathan Carter


Nathan Carter


Wednesday, March 13 at 6:30 pm


VAC 1B20, CU-Boulder

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Nathan Carter picNathan Carter

Carter’s work is a rich intertwining of sculptural ideas that unfold as trafficked landscapes and connected worlds in three-dimensional drawings that are visually musical, pulsating, and yet magically self-contained.

Nathan Carter has “a knack for balancing abstract shapes and bright colors in a manner that seems both spontaneous and masterfully assured.” In his 2010 solo exhibit at Casey Kaplan, “Carter incorporates trash lifted from the caps, corks, wood, Plexiglas, and the like to steel armatures few inches from the gallery walls. Sometimes these found objects are arranged loosely, as in BROOKLYN STREET TREA SURES FROM NEW UTRECHT AVENUE… (all works 2010), which appears windblown, as if its pieces were scuttling from right to left. Elsewhere, they are given a tighter formation, as colored and one painted white that hung in front of a baby blue wall. These assemblages resolve as perfectly composed two- dimensional images; not a Gatorade cap or a shard of Plexiglas is out of place.” -Brian Sholis, “Nathan Carter,” Artforum, November 2010

Nathan lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


This event is part of the Visiting Artist Program

We would like to thank our students for making this program possible with funding from Art and Art History Student Activities Fees.

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