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Visual Arts Complex

Professor Ruth Phillips


Ruth Phillips - "Monstrances + Wampums: Jesuits, Iroquois and Materializations of the Spiritual in 17c. America"


Tuesday, January 21 at 5:00 pm


Norlin 4th Floor British Studies, CU-Boulder

This lecture will explore the efforts of Jesuit missionaries and Hodenosaunee (Iroquois) to communicate competing concepts of spiritual and aesthetic power through ritual displays and performances that featured items of supreme value and beauty– dazzling golden receptacles held aloft during the Catholic mass and gleaming belts of purple and white shell beads displayed by Indigenous orators to make the most important of their spoken words ‘real.’

Ms. Phillips teaches at  Carleton University, Ottawa,Canada

Co-sponsored by CUAM
This event is part of the Visting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar Program is organized to explore the discipline of art history—its cultural connections, its methodological pursuits, and its changing nature—by focusing extensively on the research and insights of individual academic experts. Three to five highly regarded art historians and/or art critics speak at a public lecture presenting current research and published papers. During their week long visit they work closely with graduate students enrolled in the visiting scholar seminar class.

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