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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Tip Toland


Ceramic artist: Tip Toland


Tuesday, February 21 at 6:30 pm


Visual Arts Complex 1B20, CU-Boulder
ttol_29948Tip Toland IMG_3604IMG_0025

The characters in Tip Toland’s sculptures are fragile creatures that find themselves at the end of adulthood or at the beginning of childhood. Those stages in life have a certain vulnerability, isolation and innocence in common. Toland attempts to demonstrate the decline preceding death, and the increased separation from others it brings. Their expressions are unengaged and convey a sense of deep psychological detachment that is sad and enigmatic as well as dignified by the process of natural aging.

While exploring age and aging, Toland’s work attempts to give voice to inner psychological and spiritual states of being. What is of primary importance to her is that the figures contain particular aspects of humanity, which they mirror back to the viewer. It’s the fragility and transient aspect of mankind that the artist is after. That is one reason for choosing very old or very young subjects; they both portray innocence as well as complexity.  While her subjects are sometimes self-portraits, they are meant to convey universal thruths about humanity, society and the self.


1981              M.F.A., Ceramics, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

1975              B.F.A., Ceramics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

This event is part of the Visiting Artist Program

We would like to thank our students for making this program possible with funding from Art and Art History Student Activities Fees.

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