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Art History: Flagellation of Christ, Convento de San Pedro y San Pablo, 16th  c., Acolman, Mexico
Art History: Flagellation of Christ, Convento de San Pedro y San Pablo, 16th c., Acolman, Mexico

Art History

Katie Kisiel

Art History, MA, 2015
My thesis is on the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas. More specifically, I am interested in the six “alternate chapel paintings,” currently on display next door at the Menil Collection, which were included with the original commission but never installed. My thesis will explore the possibilities that these “extras” might hold for the Rothko Chapel space.

Raquel Vega

Art History, MA, 2015

I’m interested in the subject of mestizaje in colonial visual culture, namely  how public space is affected by religious and other dominant structures, and how this develops meaning over time for Latino communities.

Arielle Myers

Art History, MA, 2016

My focus area is contemporary art. I am interested in the ways in which artists negotiate the politics of memory, confession, innocence and victimhood in their work. My current research focuses on responses to gendered nationalisms in the Yugoslavian wars of secession, inherent in the works of Bosnian female artists.

Jamie Summers

Art History, MA, 2016

I am interested in the ways images of women are used to communicate anxieties the of men during times of socio-political uncertainty, and how those images are utilized to propagate these anxieties with the intention of control or eradication. My research focuses on the fin-de-siècle, looking specifically at femme fatale imagery and its relationship to the changing political, scientific, and social climate leading up to World War I.

Krystle Kelley

Art History, MA, 2016

My research interests are in critical theories of art and cultural districts and tourism/consumerism and the intersection of public and private spheres, particularly in the consideration of education and social equity. I also work with the Visual Resources Center and Dr. Ariana Maki on a grant funded project using the image archive of Dr. Ronald Bernier (former CU professor and Himalayan art and architecture specialist), tracing and cataloging major art and architectural sites in the Himalaya region that are at risk and useful for further scholarship.

Morgan Butts

Art History, MA, 2016

I will be focusing on Latin American art for my thesis. My current research delves into imagery that relates to Pre-Columbian perceptions of death, sacrifice, and the afterlife in the Andes.

Mary Rose Williams

Art History, MA, 2016

My focus area is Medieval art. My current research explores the sculpture of the French Romanesque period.

Hope Fuchs

Art History, MA, 2016

My area of focus in art history is the Italian Renaissance and the Baroque. Specifically, I am studying sculpture, and am currently exploring the myth of the artist as genius using Bernini’s bozzetti as a case study. I hope to examine notions of spontaneity and the value of the artist’s touch while questioning contemporary beliefs regarding Renaissance art practice.

Chad Davis

Art History, MA, 2016

My research involves a semiotic approach to art within the colonial period from both Mesoamerica and Northern Europe. I am interested in the cross-cultural negotiations, alterations, power discrepancies, adaptations, and influences between the two varying sign systems in an attempt to discover new, heterogeneous interpretations and variants in the image.