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Visual Arts Complex

Internship Program

The Department of Art and Art History offers internships through the Art Practices Program and the Art History Program. Internships are an opportunity for students to receive academic credit for arts-related work outside the normal curriculum of the Department of Art and Art History. This program is designed to help students clarify their career goals, and offer them the opportunity to gain practical experience. A primary component is the sponsors role. Within this context the sponsor provides a learning experience consisiting of individual training tailored to each students interest and area of prior academic preparation. This program is therefore considered a critical link between academic preparation and the student considering an art oriented career.

The purpose of the Arts Internship Seminar course is to complement the learning experience through theoretical interpretations. The academic component allows students to examine the artistic role of their host institution while hypothetically testing this role. Students gain knowledge and information through readings, assignments, seminar discussions, and projects designed to orient them with the fundamental instruments utilized by the host institution in fulfilling its artistic role. This course is further augmented by individual meetings with the instructor and one conference meeting with both the instructor and the learning experience sponsor. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior Arts major (Art Practices or Art History) in satisfactory academic standing. Completion of all lower division Art History and all basic studio classes (1-3 Credit Hours Allowed). For more information please contact Alex Sweetman or Anna Parsons (303) 492-3580 or stop by the front office, room 330 in the VAC to pick up an application. Click here for a list of internship opportunities.

For students interested in gaining museum experience, the Museum Internship Seminar focuses on opportunities at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum, and the CU Art Museum, working with museum professionals on a variety of projects. This internship introduces students to the professional culture and activities of art museums. Museum personnel who have advanced degrees in their fields will oversee work at the museums. For more information please contact Robert Nauman.