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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex
photo of Alex
B.A., New York University, Washington Square College, 1970
.F.A., State University of New York at Buffalo, Program in Photographic Studies, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, N.Y., 1975

Alex Sweetman

Associate Professor, IMAP, Photography

Alex Sweetman is currently the director of media arts and a professor in the departments  of art and art history, and in film studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  His  photographic education began as a student at the Center of the Eye in Aspen, where he had the opportunity to meet and work with many of the most important photographers in  America. He did his graduate work with Nathan Lyons at the Visual studies workshop,in Rochester, New York, where he had the pleasure of working with Joan Lyons, Newhall, Frederic Sommer, John Wood, and others. He taught history for over a decade at the Art Institute of Chicago, before taking a position to  develop an interdisciplinary program in Media Arts in Colorado. His creative work is in the permanent collections of over three dozen museums in the US and abroad. He has  produced major pieces of public art and a wide range of limited editions from letterpress; He has curated numerous exhibitions including the seminal exhibition at the  California Museum of  Photography in 1984 of a 375 book of the history of the  photographic book. For over 35 years he has focused on the phenomenon of photo  publishing and has worked to assemble one of the largest and finest public collections of  its kind in the world. His photographic work over the last 25 years has been in panoramic color photography in the US and Mexico, which he is currently archiving and printing digitally.

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