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Graduate student work: Abby Bennett
Graduate student work: Abby Bennett


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General Questions about this building:

Where can I print images of my art?
Art and Art History students can use the Digital Output Lab in 1B07. You must provide your own paper; it must be inkjet paper (no regular, watercolor or other textured papers). You are encouraged to reserve a printer in advance to ensure availability (there is a reservation binder at the front desk in 1B07). Images must be correctly sized; the lab monitors will not re-size or make other adjustments. Please be aware that the monitor is there to help you, but some monitors are new and may not be able to answer all of your questions. Students should work early instead of waiting for a deadline in case a problem arises. Contact media tech with questions 303-492-0864.
How do I sign up to show my work around the building?  Exhibition Procedures
BFA Program Questions:
How is the BFA in Studio Arts different from the BA in Studio Arts?
The BFA in Studio Arts is a more in-depth degree focused on the arts. Students accepted into the BFA program take 63 major credits hours and 53 non-major credits hours. The BA in Studio Arts is a more traditional liberal arts degree where students take 39 major credit hours and 75 non-major credit hours.The BFA in Studio Arts is intended for motivated students interested in and committed to pursuing a professional career in the arts. The National Association of School of Art & Design describes the BFA as, “the professional degree that focuses on intensive work in the visual arts supported by a program of general studies.” The BA in Studio Arts is a, “liberal arts degree that focuses on art and design in the context of a broad program of general studies.” In addition to a broad array of studio art and art history classes, BFA students must also enroll in the BFA Seminar during their final semester, which culminates in the BFA Exhibition, a professionally curated group show hosted by the CU Art Museum that showcases the talent and hard work of graduating BFA students.
Should I apply to the BFA program?
Students interested in pursuing graduate education (e.g. MFA) or a professional career in the arts should consider applying to the BFA program.
Can I double major while enrolled in the BFA program?
No. Students must complete two degrees to double major. Please speak with your advisor if you are interested in pursuing BFA and BA degrees.
Can I apply to the BFA program if I am not an art major in the Department of Art and Art History?
No. Students interested in applying to the BFA program must already be art majors in the department. Furthermore, students must complete or be in the process of completing 30 credits in the department (ARTS and ARTH) by the time they submit their applications.
I am considering transferring to CU and would like to apply directly to the BFA program. Is that possible?
No. Once you have transferred to CU, declared an art major, and accumulated the minimum number of credits required before submitting an application, then you may submit an application and portfolio for review.
I am a first year student. Can I apply to the BFA?
No. You must have 30 credits completed in the department before you can apply to the BFA.
Who reviews my application?
When students submit their portfolios and application materials for review, they must identify one or more Areas of interest (IMAP, Ceramics, Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice, Printmaking, Painting and Drawing). Faculty from those areas will review applications and determine who will be accepted into the program based on the overall quality of the work, overall and major-area GPA, and quality of the written statements.
If I am not accepted into the BFA program may I apply again?
Yes, but the department highly recommends that you meet with faculty in the Area you wish to join to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your application and how best to prepare a subsequent application.
How do I apply to the BFA program?
Applications may be picked up from Anna Parsons, room 330 in the VAC, or by clicking here. BFA Application
What are the deadlines for BFA applications?
Deadlines are once in the fall for admission in the spring and once in the spring admission in the following fall. Please contact Anna Parsons for exact application dates.