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MFA IMAP 2013: Julie Rooney
MFA IMAP 2013: Julie Rooney

Filmmaking MFA


The Graduate MFA degree in Filmmaking is integrated into the Art/Art History MFA program in much the same way as the other arts practices of painting and drawing, ceramics, sculpture, media arts and printmaking. The interdisciplinary nature of our MFA program allows graduate students to work in various areas, in addition to their area of specialization. The aim of the MFA Filmmaking program is to aid in the advancement and understanding of moving image arts.

Film Studies Faculty



ARTF 5003 – Film and Literature

ARTF 5004 – Topics in Film Theory:
– Science on Screen
– Indigenous Film & Fiction

ARTF 5010 – Topics in Film Studies-Production:
– Mobile Media & Everyday Technology
– Projected Light: Installation and Event
– Deviant Narrative

ARTF – 5013 Film, Photography and Modernism

ARTF – 5015 Advanced Digital Postproduction

ARTF – 5021 Acting/Directing for the Camera

ARTF – 5023 Topics in International Cinema:
– New Latin American Cinemas
– Contemporary Asian Cinema
– World Cinemas

ARTF – 5024 Advanced Research Seminars:
– Snapshots, Memoirs, and Home Movies
– Mining the Personal Archive
– Stories We Tell: Dreams/Histories/Narratives

ARTF – 5200  Flow Visualization

ARTF – 5453 Elective Affinities: Avant-Garde Film and the Arts

ARTF – 5500 Advanced Filmmaking Projects

ARTF – 5604 Colloquium in Film Aesthetics:
– Magic, Wonder, & Cinema
– Advanced Film Aesthetics

ARTF – 5610 Image-makers Graduate Seminar