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Visiting Artist Lecture: Christo
Visiting Artist Lecture: Christo

Visiting Artist Program

Fall 2018:
Julia Haft-Candell (Sept. 18)
Delilah Montoya (Sept. 25)
Paul Ramirez Jonas (Oct. 16)
Blaise Cayol (Oct. 23)
Nicholas Galanin (Nov. 6)

Lectures begin at 6:30 and are held in VAC 1B20
All lectures in this series are free and open to the public.
For more information, please call (303) 492-2539.

For over forty years the Visiting Artist and Scholar Program has enhanced the coursework developed by the faculty in the Department of Art & Art History. Lectures are always free and open to the public and a comprehensive collection of recorded presentations and interviews can be accessed through the Visual Resources Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Visiting Artist and Scholar Program aims to reinforce the mission of the Art and Art History Department by inviting leading artists and scholars to present an array of artistic practices, historical discourse and divergent perspectives that can increase access to creativity and forge new territories between the arts and broader cultural movements.

Students and faculty are able to access lectures that occured this academic year online.

Visiting Artist DVDs
The VRC maintains a collection of DVDs from the department’s Visiting Artist Program, available for 3 business-day checkout to faculty and students within the Department of Art and Art History (undergraduate students must present their Buff OneCards). These include the artists’ public lectures and the What Follows… interviews series. The VRC also provides access to recent Visiting Artist videos through its database. See the VRC video page for more information about the DVDs and streaming videos. Note that videos in either format are not available until the semester following an artist’s visit.

We are honored to have had the following visitors participate in our program, the list is long but so is our history: Comprehensive Catalog – Visiting Artists

Larry Bob Phillips  |  Jane Fine  |  Postcommodity  |  Benjamin DeMott  |  Jessica Jackson Hutchins  |  Joe Feddersen  |  Axel Void  |  Ian Weaver  |  Maurice Sherif  |  Jon Rubin

William Lamson  |  Faten Nastas Mitwasi  |  James Bailey  |  Renee Cox  |  Fernando Orellana  |  Jenny Sabin  |  Tip Toland  |  Frohawk Two Feathers  |  Sonya Kellihercombs  |  Erin Riley

Ann Agee  |  Desiree Holman  |  Brad Kahlhamer  |  Noelle Jakeman  |  Buster Simpson  |  Janelle Iglesias  |  Dani Leventhal  |  Will Wilson  |  Ben Jackel

Tom LaDuke  |  Erika Walker  |  Natalija Vujosevic  |  Judith Leemann  |  Diane Burko  |  Sanford Biggers  |  Jacob Hashimoto  |  Extrapolation Factory  |  Nicole Cherubini  |  Alex + Rebecca Webb  |  Bruce Pollock  |  Tsherin Sherpa

Harmony Hammond  |  Liz Quackenbush  |  Fritz Haeg  |  Alex Bag  |  Matthew Jackson  |  Walid Raad  |  Jennifer Reeder  |  Robert Spellman  |  Victoria Keddie

Arlene Shechet  |  Aki Sasamoto  |  Janine Antoni  |  Nao Bustamente  |  Lesley Flanigan  |  Stan Shellabarger & Dutes Miller  |  Binh Danh  |  Anita Jung  |  Spencer Finch

Ryan Mrozowski  |  Stan Shellabarger & Dutes Miller  |  Binh Danh  |  Matt Wedel  |  Anita Jung  |  Spencer Finch

Chris Sauter  |  Clayton Brothers  |  Shana Moulton  |  William Basinski  |  Yeondoo Jung  |  Del Harrow  |  Marina Rosenfeld  |  Larry McNeil  |  Robert Pruitt

Joel Peter Witkin  |  John Jota Leanos  |  Dario Robelto  |  Rosalie Favell  |  Hank Willis Thomas  |  Marjetica Potrc  |  John Hitchcock  |  Sara Lindley

Tsehai Johnson  |  Don Gregorio Anton  |  Patrick Lichty – Yes Men  |  Haiko Meijer – Onix  |  Zhi Lin  |  Gudrun Gut  |  Regina Jose Galindo  |  Timothy Weaver  |  Robert & Shana Parke-Harrison  |  Barbara Madsen  |  Clare Twomey

Richard Notkin  |  Lita Albuquerque  |  Andrea Polli  |  Karen Kunc  |  Carlos Runcie Tanaka  |  Christoph Heinrich  |  Beth Lipman  |  Duane Slick  |  Chris Jordan  |  Bently Spang  |  Mary Jo Bole  |  Jan Theun van Rees  |  Marguerite Kahrl

Shahzia Sikander  |  Karyn Olivier  |  Tania Bruguera  |  Josiah McElheny  |  Akio Takamori  |  Rula Halawani  |  Oscar Munoz  |  Kenneth Kerslake  |  Mindy Shapero  |  Judith Lowry