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Studio Faculty Reading List

2D Faculty Recommendations
Broude, Norma and Mary D. Garrard. Power of Feminist Art.
Dexter, Emma. Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing.
Elkins, James. What Painting Is.
Herrera, Hayden and Jenny Sorkin. Joan Snyder.
Lippard, Lucy. Eva Hesse.
Lippard, Lucy. Mixed Blessings.
Lopez, Barry. The Future of Nature: Writing on a Human Ecology from Orion Magazine.
Riemschneider, Burkhard, Uta Grosenick, and Lars Bang Larsen. Art at the Turn of the Millenium.
Robertson, Jean and Craig McDaniel. Painting as Language: Material, Technique, Form, Content.
Sale, Teel and Claudia Betti. Drawing: A Contemporary Approach.
Schwabsky, Barry. Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting.
Smith, Linda Tuhiwai. Decolonizing Methodologies.
Weintraub, Linda. Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art’s Meaning in Contemporary Society, 1970s-1990s.
3D Faculty Recommendations
Abel, Jessica. Radio: An Illustrated Guide.
Alexander, Christopher. A Pattern Language.
Alloway, Lawrence. Imagining the Present: Context, Content, and the Role of the Critic.
Andrews, Oliver. Living Materials: A Sculptor’s Handbook.
Architecture for Humanity, Kate Stohr, and Cameron Sinclair.
Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises.
Bachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space.
Balkin, Penny. New Land Marks.
Bayles, David and Ted Orland. Art and Fear.
Beckley, Bill. Uncontrollable Beauty: Toward a New Aesthetics.
Bell, Bryan. Good Deeds, Good Design: Community Service Through Architecture.
Benjamin, Walter. “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.”
Berger, John. Ways of Seeing.
Bergson, Henri. Matter and Memory.
Bohm, David. On Creativity.
Bourriaud, Nicolas. Relational Aesthetics.
Brower, Cara, Rachel Mallory, and Zachary Ohlman. Experimental Eco-Design: Product, Architecture, Fashion.
Brownell, Blaine. Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical Environment.
Bull, Michael. The Auditory Culture Reader.
Buster, Kendall. The Critique Handbook.
Byars, Mel. New Chairs: Innovations in Design, Technology, and Materials.
Calle, Sophie and Paul Auster. Sophie Calle: Double Game.
Calvino, Italo. Six Memos for the Next Millennium.
Carruthers, Elspeth. Jessica Stockholder: Kissing The Wall.
Casey, Edward S. Earth-Mapping: Artists Reshaping Landscape.
Ching, Frank. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, 2nd Edition.
Collins, Judith. Sculpture Today.
Coolidge, Matthew and Sarah Simons. Overlook: Exploring the Internal Fringes of America with the Center for Land Use Interpretation.
Coote, Jeremy and Anthony Shelton. Anthropology, Art, and Aesthetics.
Corner, James. Taking Measures Across the American Landscape.
de Bono, Edward. Lateral Thinking.
Dean, Andrea Oppenheimer. Proceed and Be Bold: Rural Studio After Samuel Mockbee.
Dean, Andrea Oppenheimer. Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency.
Debord, Guy-Ernest. Theory of the Dérive.
Dessuace, Marc. The Inflatable Moment: Pneumatics and Protest in ’68.
Deutsche, Rosalyn. Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics.
Dexter, Emma. Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing.
Dion, Mark and Alexis Rockman. Concrete Jungle: A Pop Media Investigation of Death and Survival in Urban Ecosystems.
Doherty, Claire. From Studio to Situations: Contemporary Art and the Question of Context.
Dohm, Katharine. Art Machines, Machine Art.
Doss, Erika. Spirit Poles and Flying Pigs.
Dundon, Elaine. Seeds of Innovation.
Ehrlich, Ken. Surface Tension: Problematics of Site.
Elkins, James. Why Art Cannot Be Taught.
Ellegood, Anne. The Uncertainty of Objects and Ideas: Recent Sculpture.
Erimann, Veit, ed. Hearing Cultures: Essays on Sound, Listening and Modernity.
Ezio Manzini. The Material of Invention: Materials and Design.
Finkelpearl, Tom. Dialogues in Public Art.
Fisher, Jennifer. “Speeches of Display: The Museum Audio Guides of Sophie Calle, Andrea Fraser and Janet Cardiff,” Parachute:
Contemporary Art Magazine, No. 94, 1999. pp. 25-31.
Fletcher, Alan. The Art of Looking Sideways.
Foster, Hal. Compulsive Beauty.
Foster, Hal. Discussions in Contemporary Culture.
Foster, Hal. The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture.
Foster, Hal. Vision and Visuality (Discussions in Contemporary Culture, No 2).
Foucault, Michel. Aesthetics, Method and Epistemology.
Foucault, Michel. Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth.
Fried, Michael. “Art and Objecthood.”
Fuad-Luke, Alastair. Ecodesign: The Sourcebook.
Gablik, Suzi. Conversations Before the End of Time,
Goldstein, Barbara. Public Art By the Book..
Gonzales, Mark. Broken Poems: Stories, Poetry & Drawings.
Graham, Dan. Rock my Religion.
Grudin, Robert. Grace of Great Things.
Herzog, Thomas. Pneumatic Structures: A Handbook of Inflatable Architecture.
HF, Senie. Critical Issues in Public Art.
Hickey, Dave. Air Guitar.
Hickey, Dave. Between Artists: 12 Contemporary American Artists Interview 12 Contemporary American Artists.
Hickey, Dave. The Invisible Dragon.
Hoptman, Laura. Unmonumental.
Hundertmark, Christian (C100). The Art Of Rebellion: The World Of Street Art.
Ingo, Walther, ed. ART of the 20th Century.
Jacobson, Heidi Zuckerman. Like Color in Pictures.
Kastner, Jeffrey. Plop: Recent Projects of the Public Art Fund.
Kaye, Nick. Site Specific Art: Performance, Place and Documentation.
Koberg, Don and Jim Bagnall. The Universal Traveler.
Koch, Klaus-Michael. Membrane Structures: The Fifth Building Material.
Koolhaas, Rem. Delirious New York.
Krauss, Rosalind E. A Voyage on the North Sea.
Krauss, Rosalind E. The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths.
Krauss, Rosalind. “Sculpture in the Expanded Field,” in The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths.
Krauss, Rosalind. Passages in Modern Sculpture.
Kronenburg, R. Flexible: Architecture that Responds to Change.
Kronenburg, R. Transportable Environments.
Kwon, Miwon. One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity.
Lacy, Suzanne, ed. Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art.
Lee, Pamela M. Object to Be Destroyed: The Work of Gordon Matta-Clark.
Levi Strauss, David. Between Dog and Wolf.
Levin, David Michael. Modernity and the Hegemony of Vision.
Licht, Alan. Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories.
Lidstone, John. Building with Wire.
Lin, Maya. Boundaries.
Lippard, Lucy. “Dematerialization of Art.”
Lippard, Lucy. The Lure of the Local.
Marcus, George E. and Fred R. Myers. The Traffic in Culture: Refiguring Art and Anthropology.
Martinez, Daniel J. and David Levi Strauss. The Things You See When You Don’t Have a Grenade.
McDonough, William and Michael Braungart. Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.
McEvilley, Thomas. Sculpture in the Age of Doubt.
Meinig, D.W. The Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes.
Mitchell, W.J.T., “Word, Image, and Object: Wall Labels for Robert Morris,” in Picture Theory: Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation.
Moorhoouse, Paul. Richard Long: Walking the Line.
Morris, Rober. “Notes on Sculpture.”
Norde, Linda. Sarah Sze.
Oldenburg, Claes. “I Am For an Art,” in Theories and Documents on Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook for Artists, edited by Kristen Stiles.
Owens, Craig. Beyond Recognition: Representation, Power, and Culture.
Palleroni, Sergio, Christina Merkelbach, and Bryan Bell. Studio at Large: Architecture in Service of Global Communities.
Pearson, Lynn F. Public Art Since 1950 (Shire Album S.)
Pelzer, Birgit. Dan Graham.
Penny, Nicholas. The Materials of Sculpture.
Perec, George. Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.
Potrc, Marjetica. Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture.
Pressfield, Steven. The War of Art.
Ratnam, Niru, et al. Locus Solus Site, Identity and Technology in Contemporary Art.
Read, Herbert. To Hell with Culture.
Reiss, Julie H. From Margin to Center.
Rendell, Jane. Art and Architecture: A Place Between.
Riva, Alessandro, ed. Iconica: Contemporary Art And Archeology.
Rose, Aaron. Beautiful Losers.
Rubinstein, Raphael. Critical Mess: Art Critics on the State of their Practice.
Rugoff, Ralph. Monuments for the USA.
Sanchez, Osvaldo. Fugitive Site: inSITE2000/01 New Contemporary Art Projects for San Diego/Tijuana.
Schaub, Mirjam. Janet Cardiff: The Walk Book.
Settembrini, Luigi. The Ideal City: 2nd Valencia Biennial.
Sheehy, Colleen J. Cabinet of Curiosities: Mark Dion and the University as Installation.
Siegal, Jennifer, ed. Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture.
Simic, Charles. The Uncertain Certainty: Interviews, Essay, and Notes on Poetry.
Solnit, Rebecca. A Field Guide to Getting Lost.
Stallabrass, Julian. Art Incorporated: The Story of Contemporary Art.
Stiles, Karen, ed. Theories and Documents on Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook for Artists.
Suderberg, Erica. Space, Site, Intervention: Situating Installation Art.
Topham, Sean. Blow-Up: Inflatable Art, Architecture, and Design.
Tucker, William. The Language of Sculpture.
Tzara, Tristan. Dada.: From “Dada Manifesto” [1918] and “Lecture on Dada” [1922].
Venturi, Robert. Learning from Las Vegas.
Vitek, William. Rooted in the Land: Essays on Community and Place.
Waldman, Diane. Collage, Assemblage, and the Found Object.
Wallis, Brian. Democracy A Project by Group Material.
Wallschlaeger, Charles and Cynthia Busic-Snyder. Basic Visual Concepts and Principles for Artists, Architects and Designers.
Weiss, Allen S. Experimental Sound and Radio.
Weschler, Lawrence. Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees.
Wilde, Oscar. “The Decay of Lying.”
Williams, Arthur. Sculpture: Technique, Form, Content.
Williams, Richard J. After Modern Sculpture: Art in the United States and Europe, 1965-1970.
Yeang, Ken. Ecodesign: A Manual for Ecological Design.
Young, James Webb. A Technique for Producing Ideas.
Zelanski, Paul and Mary Pat Fisher. Shaping Space: The Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Design, 2nd ed.
Zelov, Chris, Phil Cousineau, and Brian Danitz. Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier.
Zinn, Howard. A People’s History of the United States.

ART HISTORY Faculty Recommendations
Alpers, Svetlana. The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century.
Barkan, Leonard. Transuming Passion: Ganymede and the Erotics of Humanism.
Baxandall, Michael. Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany.
Baxandall, Michael. Patterns of Intention.
Belting, Hans. Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art.
Belting, Hans. The End of the History of Art?
Bishop, Claire, ed. Participation.
Bourriaud, Nicolas. Relational Aesthetics.
Camille, Michael. Image on the Edge: The Margins of Medieval Art.
Clark, T.J. The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers.
Crary, Jonathan. Techniques of the Observer: Vision and Modernity in the 19th Century.
Creative Time Books. Who Cares. 3 Dinners, 37 Participants, 1 Book.
Crow, Thomas. The Rise of the Sixties: American and European Art in the Era of Dissent.
Danto, Arthur. After the End of Art.
Davis, Whitney and David Quinn. Replications: Archeology, Art History, Psychoanalysis.
Demus, Otto. Byzantine Mosaic Decoration.
Derrida, Jacques. The Truth in Painting.
Didi-Huberman, Georges. Confronting Images: Questioning the Ends of a Certain History of Art.
Fernie, Eric. Art History and Its Methods.
Focillon, Henri. The Life of Forms.
Gell, Alfred. Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory.
Gombrich, Ernst. A Sense of Order: A Study in the Psychology of Decorative Art.
Hamburger, Jeffrey. The Visual and the Visionary: Art and Female Spirituality in Late Medieval Germany.
Hauser, Arnold. The Social History of Art.
Helguera, Pablo. The Pablo Heiguera Manual of Contemporary Art.
Herbert, Robert L. Impressionism: Art, Leisure, & Parisian Society.
Kaufmann, Thomas DaCosta. Toward a Geography of Art.
Kittler, Friedrich. Gramophone, Film, Typewriter.
Krauss, Rosalind. The Optical Unconscious.
Kubler, George. The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things.
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim. Laocoon: An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetry.
Leung, Simon and Zoya Kocur, eds. Theory in Contemporary Art Since 1985.
Mathews, Thomas. The Clash of Gods: A Reinterpretation of Early Christian Art.
Nelson, Robert S. and Richard Shiff. Critical Terms for Art History.
Nhat Hanh, Thich. The Miracle of Mindfulness.
Nochlin, Linda. Realism.
Panofsky, Erwin. Meaning in the Visual Arts.
Panofsky, Erwin. Perspective as Symbolic Form.
Podro, Michael. The Critical Historians of Art.
Potts, Alex. The Sculptural Imagination: Figurative, Modernist, Minimalist.
Preziosi, Donald and Claire Farago, eds. Grasping the World: the Idea of the Museum.
Riegl, Alois. Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts.
Riegl, Alois. Late Roman Art Industry.
Riegl, Alois. Problems of Style.
Robertson, Jean and Craig McDaniel. Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art After 1980.
Rosenblum, Robert. Modern Painting and the Northern Romantic Tradition.
Schapiro, Meyer. Theory and Philosophy of Art: Style, Artist, and Society .
Semper, Gottfried. Style in the Technical Arts; or, Practical Aesthetics.
Sontag, Susan. Regarding the Pain of Others.
Stafford, Barbara. Visual Analogy: Consciousness as the Art of Connecting.
Stallabrass, Julian. Contemporary Art.
Steinberg, Leo. The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and Modern Oblivion.
Summers, David. Real Spaces.
Varnedoe, Kirk. Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art Since Pollock.
Wallis, Brian and Marcia Tucker. Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation.
Warburg, Aby. Renewal of Pagan Antiquity.
Warnke, Martin. Political Landscape.
Weintraub, Linda. Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art’s Meaning in Contemporary Society, 1970s-1990s.
Weintraub, Linda. In the Making.
Wolfflin, Heinrich. Principles of Art History.
Classics: Roman Art and Archaeology Reading List-
Classics: Greek Art and Archaeology Reading List-
Abbott, Lawrence. I Stand in the Center of the Good: Interviews with Contemporary Native American Artists.
Acker, Kathy, Becker, Carol and Ann Wiens, eds. The Artist in Society: Rights, Roles, and Responsibility.
Arnason, H.H. and Peter Kalb. History of Modern Art.
Battock, Gregory and Robert Mickas, eds. The Art of Performance, A Critical Anthology.
Becker, Carol, ed. The Subversive Imagination: Artists, Society, and Social Responsibility.
Becker, Carol. Zones of Contention.
Blackburn, Julia. Old Man Goya.
Blackburn, Julia. The Emperor’s Last Island: A Journey to St. Helena.
Boal, Augusto. Theatre of the Oppressed.
Carr, Cynthia. On Edge: Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century.
Corrigan, Timothy. Short Guide to Writing About Film.
Diepeveen, Leonard and Timothy Van Laar. Art with a Difference: Looking at Difficult and Unfamiliar Art.
Durozoi, Gerard. History of the Surrealist Movement. Translated by Alison Anderson.
Fabre, Michel. From Harlem to Paris: Black American Writers in France, 1840-1980.
Felshin, Nina, ed. But is it Art?: The Spirit of Art as Activism.
Freire, Paulo. Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
Frizot, Michel, Pierre Albert, and Colin Harding, eds. A New History of Photography.
Gablik, Suzi. The Reenchantment of Art.
Goldberg, Roselee. Performance Art: From Futurism to Present.
Grotowski, Jerry. Towards a Poor Theater.
Hammond, Bryan and Patrick O’Connor. Josephine Baker.
Heartney, Eleanor. Defending Complexity: Art, Politics, and the New World Order.
Hooks, Bell. Art on My Mind: Visual Politics.
Janson, H.W. 19th-Century Sculpture.
Keller, Gary D., et al. Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art.
Kester, Grant, et al. Art, Activism, and Oppositionality: Essays from Afterimage.
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara. Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage.
Lacy, Suzanne, ed. Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art.
Lippard, Lucy. A Different War: Vietnam in Art.
Lippard, Lucy. Get the Message? A Decade of Art for Social Change.
Lippard, Lucy. Mixed Blessings.
Marcuse, Herbert. The Aesthetic Dimension: Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics.
McAdams, Dona, C. Carr, Introduction and Eileen Myles, Afterword. Caught in the ACT: A Look at Contemporary Multimedia Performance.
O’Doherty, Brian. Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space.
Perouse de Montclos, Jean-Marie. Paris: City of Art.
Russell, Mark. Out of Character: Rants, Raves, and Monologues from Today’s Top Performance Artists.
Said, Edward W. Orientalism.
Sawin, Martica. Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School.
Sayre, Henry M. The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970.
Schimmel, Paul, ed. Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979.
Schneider, Rebecca. The Explicit Body in Performance.
Selz, Peter. Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California and Beyond.
Shattuck, Roger. The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant-Garde in France-1885 to World War I.
Sontag, Susan. On Photography.
Stokstad, Marilyn. Art History.
Stovall, Tyler. Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light.
Taylor, Diana and Juan Villegas, eds. Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality & Theatricality in Latina/o America.
Williams, Alan. Republic of Images: A History of French Filmmaking.
Wilson, Martha, ed. “Performance Art,” Art Journal (1997): 56-4.
Yang, Alice, Jonathan Hay, and Mimi Young. Why Asia? Contemporary Asian and Asian American Art.
IMAP Faculty Recommendations
Abram, David. The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World.
Ackerman, Diane. A Natural History of the Senses.
Adams, Robert. Why People Photograph.
Arnheim, Rudolf. Visual Thinking.
Barrett, Terry. Criticizing Photographs.
Bayles, David and Ted Orland. Art and Fear.
Benjamin, Walter. Illuminations: Essays and Reflections.
Berger, John. Ways of Seeing.
Bishop, Claire, ed. Participation.
Bolton, Richard. The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography.
Cartier-Bresson, Henri. The Decisive Moment.
Coleman, A.D. Critical Focus: Photography in the International Image Community.
Frank, Robert. The Americans.
Gergen, Kenneth. The Saturated Self: Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life.
Grundberg, Andy. Crisis of the Real: Writings on Photography Since 1974.
Hall, Doug and Sally Jo Fifer. Illuminating Video.
Hansen, Mark. New Philosophy for New Media.
Hartmann, Thom. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.
Hickey, Dave. The Invisible Dragon.
Hughes, Alex and Andrea Noble. Phototextualities: Intersections of Photography and Narrative.
Ivins, William M. Prints and Visual Communication.
James, Christopher. Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.
Kemp, Martin. The Science of Art.
Lebeck, Robert. KIOSK: A History of Photojournalism 1839-1973.
Lippard, Lucy, ed. Partial Recall: Photographs of Native Americans.
Lippard, Lucy. The Lure of the Local.
Lopez, Barry. Crossing New Ground.
Marien, Mary Warner. Photography: A Cultural History.
Maynar, Patrick. The Engine of Visualization: Thinking Through Photography.
Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin. Three Cups of Tea.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Fotografia Publica: Photography in Print 1919-1939.
Nochlin, Linda. Realism.
Owens, Craig. Beyond Recognition: Representation, Power, and Culture.
Pelfrey, Robert. Art and Mass Media.
Prince, Richard. Wild History.
Rabb, Jane. Literature and Photography: Interactions 1840-1990.
Rose, Aron, ed. Beautiful Losers.
Shaviro, Steven. Connected.
Solnit, Rebecca. A Field Guide to Getting Lost.
Solnit, Rebecca. River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological West.
Solnit, Rebecca. Wanderlust: A History of Walking.
Sontag, Susan. On Photography.
Stewart, Susan. On Longing.
Thomas, Ann, ed. Beauty of Another Order: Photography in Science.
Trachtenberg, Alan, ed. Classic Essays on Photography.
Wark, McKenzie. Gamer Theory.
Warner, Marina. From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and Their Tellers.
Wells, Liz, ed. The Photography Reader.
Zielinski, Siegfried, Timothy Druckrey, and Gloria Custance. Deep Time of the Media: Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means.