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Visual Arts Complex
Visual Arts Complex

Exhibition Procedures

The Staff of the Visual Arts Complex, Department of Art and Art History, manages only the following ’Official Exhibition Spaces

Step 1:
Students are required to complete the course work for ‘Simple Wall Repair’, which is offered in the Foundation’s 1010 class or you may view the video before you reserve an exhibition site. In addition, open the, ‘Simple Wall Repair Course Work’, to fill complete the questionnaire while viewing the video. 

Step 2:
You must have a well-developed plan with a written description of the art works and a materials list of what you intend to use in your exhibition. The plan can also include drawings.

Step 3: Please view the  VAC Exhibition Space Floorplan AND THEN view the Exhibition Space Calendar to view availability.

Step 4:  Forms
Click on, Exhibition Request Form, fill out the form and print it, or fill it out electronically. You can also get a blank form from the office of the Administrative Assistant in room 330.

Step 5:
Establish your faculty sponsor that must sign off with either their written or electronic signature on the Exhibition Space Request Form.

Step 6:
Have the building Proctor, William Rumley; sign off on your Exhibition Request Form. This may be done electronically but in some cases, you may be required to meet one on one with the building proctor to go over your installation details before it can be signed off on.

Step 7:
Return the completed form to the Administrative Assistant via email at or via hardcopy in room 330 and reserve your site or space.