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Tech Tips: Mac PowerPoint Batch Uploader

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If you are a Mac user and wish to upload images to PowerPoint in batches so that each image becomes its own slide, you may be interested in trying an Automator script. We have one stored here for you to download (.zip), or you can visit the PPTools Web site, which provides how-to instructions and more information and options for both Mac and PC people.

To use the Automator script, simply open the Mac_PPT_Batch_Upload application. You will see a dialog box titled “Choose a Finder Item.” Select the images on your computer that you wish to upload, and press Choose. This will launch PowerPoint, and each of your images will be inserted into its own slide. You will most likely need to do some centering and resizing.

If you want to add a batch of images to an existing PowerPoint file, you will need to first upload them to a separate and new PowerPoint file, copy them, and then paste them into the existing PowerPoint file (Slide Sorter View is the easiest way to select, copy, and paste the slides).