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Art History: Nuestra Señora de los Remedios
Art History: Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

VRC News

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Adjustment of VRC hours
We’ve been monitoring usage patterns, which are sporadic but generally low after 6:00pm. Therefore, the VRC will now be closing at 6:00pm during fall and spring semesters.

New study area / collaborative learning space
The slide collection has been removed, and we now have a large conference table in its place. Small groups working on collaborative projects may wish to convene here (a data projector and tabletop projection screen will be available). This is also intended to be a location where any Art and Art History student can come during the day for a space to lay out their laptops and books, as there is no other such area in the building. It will not be a strictly quiet study area, but we have headphones that people can use if they would like to concentrate with the aid of white noise ( or the music of their choice. There is plenty of power available to laptops and mobiles devices.

Please note that this new space is for studying and other such activities; it’s intended to be a clean space. Food and beverage will be welcome as long as people clean up after themselves.

Equipment news
We have fully implemented our new software system, called WebCheckout, for equipment circulation in the VRC Equipment Room. This has allowed us to manage more equipment with fewer human errors.

All equipment in our Equipment Room (ER) is now available for up to three-day checkouts. This includes the equipment provided in the ER for use in teaching (e.g., laptops), which was previously available for the duration of of a class period. Anyone who needs equipment for longer than three days (such as for installations) should talk to Lia Pileggi or Elaine Paul for a system override.

We have acquired some new equipment. See our Equipment page for a list of items we have available for checkout.

Document scanning now part of our regular services
During the spring and fall 2013 semesters the VRC piloted a document scanning project for faculty, which we are pleased to announce is now part of the suite of services we provide to the department. This is a service to help digitize materials intended for course reserves, such as those that might be shared on D2L. See our Order Images page for more information.

Slide collection news
The VRC finished the culling process of the slide collection and will indefinitely archive the remaining, much smaller, collection of 35mm slides. These materials include field photography from past faculty members, images of faculty and student creative work, images from the Visiting Artist program, and other items that relate uniquely to our curriculum.

CS6 on all computers
The VRC has upgraded the Adobe Production Premium software suite on all of our public computer stations to CS6.


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