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Our mission is to facilitate the students in fulfillment of their course work by making available as much information, tools, and processes as our facility and staff can safely handle. When we cannot facilitate a student’s technological need we shall direct the student as best we can to alternatives and possibilities. Therefore it is easier for us to state what we do not work in rather than all the possibilities in materials and processes that we can work in. Training is required of anyone who plans to use the shop. It will be offered every Saturday up until the last three weeks of the semester. All work in the shop must be for art majors’ course work.

Check the Woodshop Google calendar HERE for changes to the posted hours.

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Requirements for access to the Woodshop


  • Saturday 10:00-12:00

COURSEWORK VIDEOS provide educational supplemental tools to support and train students within the department.

Office hours by arrangement only!

If an instructor wishes to schedule their class for working in the shop during public hours for a special workshop to support their course, or just to help fulfill the course work please give us at least two weeks notice. We will then be sending out notices as to when the shop is booked, and post the times on the woodshop doors to help students plan. Present bookings for special workshops or classes during public hours for the shop will be posted on the door outside the woodshop. Come often, check often!